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Our Work

Women Empowerment

This involves a holistic approach visa vis Economic, Socio-Emotional, Physical, Spiritual and Cognitive for their sustainable livelihood and Participatory DevelopmentThis is achieved through Business and financial literacy trainings (PRENT group savings Scheme), entrepreneurial skills training and Incubation,Sustainable Agriculture, Life skills training and Counseling, Healthcare Outreaches

Research and networking

We are involved into grassroots needs Assessment through carrying out Situation Analyses and Participatory baseline surveys to make viable interventions for our stakeholders, after which partnerships are propagated as we acknowledge that we are not custodians of knowledge therefore engage likeminded partners to meet the need at hand


Women are a renowned suppressed gender culturally facing discrimination, low social status and lack of self-sufficiency; we exist to be the voice to them through policy, public involvement and legal awareness.

Water Program

This includes providing safe water to communities to avoid diseases that claim many lives in Uganda, through a Participatory and Sustainable water, hygiene and Sanitation Project.

Education Program

Includes life skill training, secondary and university training through the Outreach and Mentoring Programs.

Women Assets Project

our aim is to empower the women, monitor them and develop an institution with business facilities, crafts demonstration and training center, this is because we handle diverse groups of disadvantaged women who range from the marginalized, sick(vulnerable) and the Poor (Needy).